Update to the WineFest app…

I have updated the app and added several more grape types.  


I also updated the app to allow the end user pick the country of origin.  


I am not quite ready to submit the update.  Since I am storing the data in an iOS 7.x data container, I want to make sure that the ‘old’ data (without country) will migrate to the new (with country) without loss to the end user. 

Testing testing people! 🙂

As always, please provide feedback about anything at all.

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It is on the App store!

Check it out here:


So I would am very open to suggestions.  I am working on a sort in the table, but that has turned out to be harder than expected.  Not the sort, but the array to display the results in the UITableView.


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iTunes connect

and uploading new applications quickly are NOT compatible statements.

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WineFest app

Since iOS 7 has been released, I have been slowly updating my Japanese apps.  This has proven to be more difficult than I thought as Apple removed the nice little built in button lines.  I am not sure if I need to create my own button graphic, then re-write the button engine to use the graphic. I have a boat load of buttons.

A good thing however is that Apple has made the social aspect of sharing really easy.  Simple ‘#import Social/Social.h’ and 5 lines of code and you are off to the races.


That in mind, I created a really quick app to capture pictures and use a table to show information about a wine tasting my wife and I attended.  I am just about ready to upload it now.  IT is free, but I hope to get some good feedback and add more to wine list. Image


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It has been a long time…

I am sorry that I have not been around to update this blog, but a great deal has been going on in my personal life. And, as ‘they’ say, such is life.

However, I have updated my code to work with iOS6.x and am working on an iOS7 version. XCode 5 is unstable for me, so I will continue my coding efforts in Xcode 4.6.3. I have completely revamped the interface for all 3 applications – yes, I now have 3. Two are currently under review for release and the third is still in the hopper doing testing. All three work well under iOS 7beta …

iOS 7 is really amazing. The notification center and also the pull up dashboard make this iOS fantastic. I think the multi-tasking switching is really great too. Makes it easy to close apps that have frozen.

Google Translate does not work and G+ is pretty unstable. FB works fine- Most of the games I have also work fine under iOS7.

I am really excited to have get the final release and start using it. I cannot image the amount of work going into Xcode 5 as well as iOS 7. iOS 7 feels closer to being finished. Xcode 5 is just ugh… Time will tell.




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Button code issue

So I have been working on a re-write of the button code. The current code works just fine, but if the user selects the same button more than once, the button is re-drawn. It all work, but looks odd.

The challenge for my prosaic programming skills is to keep track of buttons used. Re-draw the button to indicste that the button has changed. Update those buttons when the text script is changed. Don’t update if the button is selected twice in a row. I.E., mama. Interesting logic issue to be sure.

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Just about done with a moderate UI update to the iHear-Japanese..

I added changes to the interface.  The user can select which type face they wish to use or rotate through the type faces on the fly.

I start in romaji:

Start in Romaji

I tap the green button or the center button near the bottom and rotate to hiragana:

Now in Hiragana

Finally, tap the green or center bottom button again and rotate to katakana

Now in Katakana

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