Update to iHear!-Hiragana…

I made a typo correction to the iHear!-Hiragana application.  I also updated the application to use iOS4 (Just a recompile). The latter was a huge mistake. The application works fine, but will install only on iOS4 devices. Any non-iOS4 devices are out of luck until the users either upgrade the firmware or get a new device.
Ironically, this includes myself. I cannot load the my own application on my 1st Gen iPhone. I can still develope and test via the 1st Gen, but I am not able to install the Final Build – Release Code – Gold Master whatever you wish to call it, on the 1st Gen iPhone. Apple will also not allow me or any other developer to roll back to 3.x SDK. I completely understand why that it the case, but it really breaks older perfectly fine devices.

Let the reader also know that my app does NOT take advantage of anything new in the iOS update or the hardware. My apps are simple and isn’t a game or a position/location sensitive app.

I am in a conundrum right now.. I will leave the iKatakana app alone until Apple forces the update. Bummer! Ah, technology!

And yes, I need to get an updated device – but the cost is the road block.  Donations?


About pookaboy

Maker of iPhone apps and windsurfer.
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