WineFest app

Since iOS 7 has been released, I have been slowly updating my Japanese apps.  This has proven to be more difficult than I thought as Apple removed the nice little built in button lines.  I am not sure if I need to create my own button graphic, then re-write the button engine to use the graphic. I have a boat load of buttons.

A good thing however is that Apple has made the social aspect of sharing really easy.  Simple ‘#import Social/Social.h’ and 5 lines of code and you are off to the races.


That in mind, I created a really quick app to capture pictures and use a table to show information about a wine tasting my wife and I attended.  I am just about ready to upload it now.  IT is free, but I hope to get some good feedback and add more to wine list. Image



About pookaboy

Maker of iPhone apps and windsurfer.
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