Feedback about iHear-Japanese

I have picked up some great feedback about the application and will implement the functionality in the near future. The end user wanted know if I could include a “space bar” in the app. Sure! It was suggested that the app be allowed to rotate to landscape mode… Since the app is just for the iPhone and screen size is at a premium, I don’t envision that happening. However, it won’t hurt to look at that kind of implementation. I could cascade the characters by splitting the screen and placing the pieces next to each other. Or, allow for scrolling in landscape mode, or lastly try the scroll-wheel for each character set. The last sounds intriguing to me. All three are possible, so the question becomes one of application and usability.

Stay tuned!

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View issue fixed!

It took about a dozen characters fixed the view swipe issue. And I resubmitted the app and am waiting for approval.

I thought the issue would be very difficult to address, and am glad it wasn’t. This also makes me excited about some of the updates I want to accomplish.

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Darn it!

I found a huge bug that we missed during testing. One of those things that you would never try, but via a mistaken swipe, just happens. I will work on the fix in the next few days!

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Version update

I have submitted the update to iHear-Japanese, making it 1.01. This update fixes a few issues and a memory leak. The memory leak is insubstantial, but any leak is a bad one. I also updated a bit of functionality to give indication to which character set the end user is using. Just waiting for the review to finish.

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The app, iHear-Japanese, is now in the App Store. I already have a minor update ready to go and will post that in a few days.

The store link is here.


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Update Part 3

So I ended up re-downloaded the SDK and installed it.  The validate and then submit buttons work as advertised.  After validation, I click submit and it uploads as long as everything is good to go in the app.

So, now we wait.

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We wait….

I am a pretty patient person and this post should not be construed as a complaint in any way. But I sure do wish Apple app store was a bit quicker with the approval/denial system.

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